Event Management for all of us!

Our Services

Badge Sales

We have a full badge sale, tracking, and check in system. We also have a full card present solution for your at event sales

Exhibitor Sales

We have a full exhibit hall sales system including check in and wait list capabilities


We offer a full system to manage your entire programming process from submission to live in your guide

About Us

We are a full service event management platform to help you run your events successfully.

The system was built by our owner who manages 6 events yearly. They needed a system to help coordinate all of thier events without managing 6 separate systems. So they built ConMagick and have been using it privately for the past 5 years.

Once their friends who run conventions started to hear about their new system they asked if it could be made available for them to use. What came from that discussion is our public offering of the ConMagick system for all event organizers.


Additional Services

Social Media Management

Control how your information is presented on social platforms including scheduling

Online Contests

Looking to run an online contest, we have tools to help you manage them


We offer a full accounting system to help manage your sales and expenses to see the health of your event and organization

Asset Management

We offer a full asset management system to help you keep track of all your items

Mobile App

We have a full mobile app that helps all of your attendees see the information that matters. You can find it on the app store under ConMagick

Job Posting

We have a full system to help you promote open positions and then assign them schedules for the event

Webmail System

We have a full webmail system to keep all of your users in the know and raise excitement


We really can't put all of the services on this page. Try out our live demo to see all we have to offer, you won't be disapointed.


Panel Manager


Panel Submissions

Panelist emails

Panel Reviews

Digital Scheduler

Mobile App

and More!

Badge Sales

1% + $0.25

List badges

Add coupons

Tiered Pricing

Check-in System

Badge Fraud System

At event sales

and More!

Full Website*


Full Event Website

Guest pages

Badge Sales

Exhibit Sales

Merchandise Sales

Panel Management

and More!

* Badge, Exhibitor, and Merchandise sales all have a fee of 1% + $0.25 per full transaction.

"ConMagick helped us take control of our entire programming system. It's now easy to handle all the submissions and review them with the ConMagick system. We can talk with panelists through the sytem and make changes easily. The final step of building the grid used to take forever, but now it's done with ease" - Juan Martinez, Programming Director, Saboten Con


"ConMagick helped us manage our badging system and has made check in at the convention simple" - Kinyip Wong, Registration Director, Sabaku Con